When eating healthy disappoints (GF)

While I am all for eating as healthy as I possibly can, there are moments when I wish I ordered the greasiest thing on the menu when compared to what is in front of me.

Poppyseed restaurant on Mckinley Parkway in Hamburg NY has been family run since 2000. The invitation to “bring the kiddies” is evident from the moment you walk in, with kid friendly booths and servers that know how to tend to parents with their hands full. Located in Wegman’s Plaza and delicately sandwiched between giant chain Outback steak house and a mexican joint, Poppyseed has been serving up family friendly food for nearly thirteen years.

What I love about this place is the attempt at a healthy conscience menu and servers who always look truly happy to be there. When handed the menu my eyes were immediately drawn to the hummus and tapenade appetizer ($8.00). Made with black olives and pepperocini and served with grilled pita bread, this appetizer does not disappoint. The sweet potato fries ($6.00) are also an excellent “healthier” option and can be baked not fried upon request.

Poppyseed offers a variety of options (the menu is literally 4 pages deep) and has something for everyone. For vegetarians there is a Portabello wrap ($11.00) that comes with diced tomatos, vegan sun dried pesto, a spring salad mix (that looked more sprung then spring) all assembled together in a tomato flavored wrap. This dish also comes with asiago cheese but fear not my friendly lactose intolerant folks you can opt out of cheese upon request.

Variations ranging from Chicken Salad to Tuna sandwiches offer those who are digestive sensitive semi tasty options. What makes this restaurant a choice for those who need to eat healthy are their entrees. The chefs know their audience with options like Whole Wheat Pasta, gluten free Spaghetti and a Santa Fe Dirty Rice dish ($16.00) that can come vegetarian style or with meat.

I opted for the whole wheat pasta broccoli ($15.00) without cheese. And while I waited anxiously for my entree; my mouth (and with it my stomach) was already anticipating the taste of roasted garlic, broccoli and sun dried tomatos. If only my mouth and my head had chatted before ordering I would have reconsidered. The pasta was over cooked, the base was pasta water and not much else, the sun dried tomatos were more of a lack there of  then a part of in the dish and the garlic was rather overwhelming when there was no base to compliment the pungent flavor. While I tried to save the dish with salt….lots of it; this superbly attempted “healthy” dish tasted more like cardboard then a great take on pasta broccoli.

Overall, while there are many options for those with digestive sensitivities; the blandness of most of the food (with the exception of the appetizers), the hefty price tag; our bill was $63.00 plus tip and the outdated 70’s style decor; leaves me wondering…….there has got to be some place better then this!


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