A worthy cause

Food, fiction and opinion; that’s what this site is. And while I discuss mostly healthy eating and where to dine out, I believe that being party of our larger community is also very important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Tusk Trust is a world wildlife foundation that centers around the preservation of our most precious wild animals. With primary focus in Africa, Tusk Trust has branches and affiliates all over the globe. Many of our lions, bears, elephants and cheetas are becoming extinct or very close to it. Millions are hunted for sport, for their skin or tusks and the rest left for carnage. It is sad think that the next generation may not know what a lion or elephant looks like. I have attached the link for further information. It’s a worthy cause and a problem that is close to my heart. Knowledge is power, knowledge is what propels change:  http://www.tuskusa.com/index.asp


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