Digestion tip of the week: Gluten free flour

While most of my articles focus on healthier options when dining out and the best places around; I do try to pay attention to the needs of all types of digestive concerns. So once a week I will post digestive tips that cater to various digestive sensitivities. This week I’m talkin’ gluten free.

 For most people with celiac disease gluten free is not an option it’s a necessity.  Ingredients like white flour are things that needs to be avoided. And for many that is hard to do, especially since white flour is used in many dishes. On a recent trip out to the market I found a gluten free flour that is not only healthy but tastes delicious. It’s called C4C Gluten Free Flour. The C4C stands for cup for cup and reflects the goal of it’s creator Thomas Keller; Founder of The French Laundry Bouchon Bistro and Per Se restaurants. C4C is a one-for-one replacement of wheat flour, adding milk powder to increase the amount of protein.

This flour can be used in any baking recipes in lieu of traditional flour and tastes amazing as the base to a pan seared salmon.

If you’re interested in C4C, it can be found at any Williams-Sonoma store and will hopefully be introduced to local supermarkets in the near future. The nearest Williams-Sonoma in our area is located on Main St. in Wiliamsville NY, or a second location at Walden Galleria Mall in Cheektowaga NY.


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