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Healthy Vending Machines Could Change How Travelers Eat





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By MarriottOct 31, 2013

Getting a good meal leads to better decision-making, studies show. But when you are catching a work meeting across the country or on vacation, travel often becomes a hiccup in an otherwise well-planned diet. The problem? So often unhealthy snacks are the only substance available — especially if you arrive at your destination off-hours.

No doubt a late night arrival or lack of grab-and-go breakfast options inspired Anjana K. to submit her Healthy Vending Machine idea to Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly contest. Marriott Hotels launched to learn what travelers like yourself are dreaming up to improve the future of travel. Whether your ideal travel perks includes shopping local from your hotel TV or playing your favorite music surround sound in your hotel room, there’s probably an idea for you on the site.

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In the end, Anjana’s Healthy Vending Machine was the winning idea. The contest judges chose the idea based on criteria including innovativeness, feasibility and strategy of execution, overall impression and public votes.


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In November, using the idea of “healthy vending machines” as inspiration, Marriott Hotels and Anjana will explore creative ways to make healthy on-the-go options available. Anjana will work with Jamie Welch, executive chef at Marriott’s Grosvenor Square London location and Housebites, a company that curates grocery deliveries for healthy home cooking, to further brainstorm and develop Anjana’s idea. Be on the lookout for the output of Marriott’s co-creation journey with Anjana in 2014.

Here’s the link to view the judging results:


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