Where to go out to eat? Check out my interview with Buffalo Eats!


Buffalo Foodies: S.M. Traphagen (Digestion Suggestion)

While we were on hiatus earlier this year, we were lucky enough to have a couple guest bloggers help us out by releasing some new content. One of those bloggers was S.M. Traphagen who created the food blog Digestion Suggestion. She writes about local restaurants from the perspective of someone with digestion sensitivities.

She’s written blog posts about The Lodge and Simply Gourmet, but I thought I should ask her about her favorite restaurants in Buffalo. Here’s what she had to say……

Right now, where do you like to eat in Western New York?

SMT: For upscale dining, I have to say that Hutch’s, in the city, is one of my all time favorites. When I have colleagues come into town, family visits, or when my husband has to entertain business clients, we always go to Hutch’s. The food is impeccable and consistently good. My favorite dishes are the pan glazed salmon or the Ahi Tuna steak (sushi grade and served rare). The fish is always fresh, ocean caught not farm raised, and the vegetables are cooked in a delicate wine and butter reduction. My husband’s go to dish is the Buffalo Bison burger. I have tried it (a bite) and it is very juicy, flavorful and low in fat (Bison is leaner than other red meats). He really loves this dish. What I also like is that you can bring your own wine and they will de-cork for you and decanter it. Corking fees are only 3-5$ a bottle. It’s actually a great deal. The decor is quaint and cozy, brick walls throughout and small dining spaces; it makes for a really warm and welcoming space. Due to the limited amount of parking in the area, they also offer valet.


For the full interview Click here.


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