Mother’s Day is Fast Approaching: Why not Go Against the Grain?

IMG_2540Mother’s Day is fast approaching and you may be surprised to know that most mother’s don’t want what you think they do! While we tend to lavish flowers, chocolates, breakfast in bed or a hearty brunch filled with syrups, waffles, eggs and bacon on the ones who bore us; a recent article by media food (NBC News) found that most working moms want “more time in the day” more than anything else.


This got me thinking- whether working or not, moms these days are more than multitaskers. They are friends, they are support systems, they are caregivers to our elderly grandparents and relatives, they are cooks, they are part time workers (for those who just can’t sit still), some are pseudo parents to their own grand-kids and so on. With the ever changing food culture and the expansive list of what is good for these days and what is not, maybe what our moms need is a way to boost their energy, re-charge their batteries, and lighten their load.

Since chocolates, candies and the like really don’t boost ones energy I looked around at a few restaurants in the Buffalo area that offer great healthy alternatives.

Orazio’s on Main St in Clarence, NY is a great option for a Mother’s Day brunch. They are currently running a Mother’s Day special menu and all their food is prepared to order. Orazio’s has been in WNY for over 20 years and is a staple for Italian/American Cuisine. Dishes like their Faye Salad and Fusilli Primavera are ultra healthy and the chef is happy to explain the ingredients. If you have any food allergies or even heart disease, the chefs at Orazio’s are more then happy to accommodate you. Their Mother’s Day brunch includes omelets made to order (healthy option: stick with egg whites), pasta salads, vegetable medley, Chicken Ala King (with skim milk) and much more.

Food Truck Tuesdays is back in Larkin Square. From 5-8p.m., you and your mom can enjoy a plethora of food. And the best part is, it forces you to walk around! Exercise and eating at the same time, who would have thought. Granted, it’s not a ton of walking but with it’s prime location you can take your food and walk down by the Marina. There are a ton of healthy options; Amy’s food truck has a great Chicken Souvlaki Wrap, Hello Arepa food truck has a Scallop Slider, BMFT (my fave food truck) has an amazing Tofu Bahn Mi, and Hot off the Press offers a scrumptious Tomato, Cucumber and Onion Salad. What a great way to spend Mother’s Day- her pick of food option, great atmosphere, music and a beautiful marina to walk to. I can’t think of a more energizing Mother’s Day.

Asa Ransom House in Clarence, NY is a beautiful 19th century Inn and Restaurant with a serene landscape to match. Their healthy options range from a veggie wrap without cheese, Pear Salad with light dressing, to a delectable maple syrup glazed Salmon brushed with dijon mustard and served over a bed of spinach. While breakfast is only served to Inn guests, the doors open to the public for tea in the afternoons, lunch on Wednesdays, and a seasonal dinner menu every night. This therapeutic Inn offers beautiful garden strolls, pet friendly accommodations, roaring fireplace in the winter and rustic porches for a relaxing summer’s night meditation. Whether there for dinner or to stay, Asa Ransom House is a gem and a great way to help mom boost her energy and recharge those batteries!

No matter how you decide to celebrate with your mom- make it special and unique. Help your mom make more room in her day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there.

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