The word on the street is Cooks!

Martin Cooks, located on the upper West Side of Buffalo’s Horsefeather’s Market and Residences, is a completely unique, intimate atmosphere that allows its diners to fall in love with food. A romantically confined space; this 16 person service not only requires reservations, but insists you make them as in advance as you can! They book up fast. The menu is price fixed and changes weekly, showcasing the culinary skills and prowess of the very talented Chef Martin Danilowicz. It should also be mentioned, for all my digestive sensitive readers, that Martin Cooks is very digestive friendly. Call ahead to state your food allergies, and they will accommodate you with no hesitation or grunting to be heard.


Martin Cooks has also creatively hosted out of town talent; featuring them as “Chef’s of the Week.” This week Cooks will host another featured stand out. Tunde Wey, a Detroit resident and native of Nigeria, will bring his simple take on traditional Nigerian fare to the West Side restaurant. This stop is part of Tunde’s “Lagos Series”, which has served meals in places such as DC, Philly, and New Orleans.

Having left Nigeria when he was 16, Tunde moved to the suburbs of Detroit. It wasn’t until he moved to the city in later years that he really began to test his taste buds. Dining out in Detroit’s restaurants, Tunde realized that the deconstruction of food was more satisfying than the whole. This led to a reinvigorating yet simple introduction into Nigerian food and Tunde’s life as a chef began. If you’re curious about this Nigerian food wizard, tickets may still be available for tonight’s event. However, this is just one of many events that Martin Cooks puts together. And it cannot go without saying that you would be remiss to not attend Martin Cooks for dinner.

If you are looking for a great gift idea, Martin’s offers casual and fun cooking workshops–from the comfort of your own home! You can invite a group, or make it a romantic night with a loved one; either way you get a great experience with a great chef. Or, don’t cook at all and let Martin take care of it for you while you sit back with a glass of wine, enjoying the fruits of his labor.

On this week’s menu: Fennel soup, Octopus/Chorizo/Beans, Truffles, Chicken with Chestnut and Porcini, and Apples and Cinnamon. The price is $65.00 and $45.00 for a wine pairing.

Each week they post a new menu. Details can be found on their Facebook page.

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