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Gasoline, Convenient Store, BBQ and More! Gio’s Award Winning BBQ (GF)

2015-03-16 12.57.07Pennsylvania, a state so large that its borders extend to four other states, making it one of the most traveled through states in the U.S. Because it borders Ohio, New Jersey, New York and Maryland, it is hard to escape driving through its sometimes mountainous terrain.

For those of you, like myself, who must drive through this state often, I have found a hidden gem (not so hidden) in Woodland, PA. Right off interstate 80 (just before route 322), is a little known place called Gio’s Woodland Food and Fuel–better known as Gio’s BBQ. This log cabin-style eatery offers wrap around services. Not only can you get award winning BBQ, but you can fill up your gas tank, plus stock up on munchies and bottles of water for the road.

Gio’s started in 1991 as a pizza and hoagies pit-stop, where traveler’s could play pinball and unwind before getting back on the road. After entering a BBQ contest and winning for best ribs and sauce, and more than ten years of contemplation, Gio’s converted its one-stop shop into the award winning BBQ place you drive to today.

Perfectly located, you can’t miss this restaurant/convenient store, just over a three hour drive from Buffalo NY. I must admit that whenever we travel, I cringe at the idea of driving through PA–not because I don’t like the state. On the contrary, it’s a beautiful state and one worth spending time in.  For more of this article visit my new site: www.smtraphagen.com
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